Retail trends in the festive period

With Christmas almost upon us, the use of point-of-sale finance for online festive purchases, be they presents for loved ones or friends, or even business purchases, is a popular option to help make purchases more affordable. In this blog we delve deeper into the reasons why using flexible payment solutions during the festive period is such a popular option.

Special deals and offers

Online retailers are aware that the final few months leading up to Christmas are likely to bring them a large number of sales, so as a sales incentive, they typically start to reduce prices on some of their stock, be it a sofa that needs to be sold or excess stock that didn’t sell during the summer period, such as garden furniture.

This is a good opportunity for customers to take advantage of these offers and use point-of-sale finance to make the purchases more palatable, by breaking them down into affordable monthly payments, thus allowing them to use their savings for other important festive purchases.

End of line discounts and bulk purchases

The end of the year also sees retailers trying to offload their stock ready for the next year’s models to appear on their shelves. A good example of this are computer hardware manufacturers who need to sell their current year stock. This is a good opportunity for a business who are looking to upgrade their laptops or pcs to take advantage of an end of line sale and a bulk buy discount on top of this to get a great deal on their latest office equipment. As the total cost of this is still likely to be high, point-of-sale finance is an easy way to spread payments for the business, allowing them to retain funds for other important company purchases.

Consumer savings

Many consumers are aware that the festive period is quite possibly the largest celebration of the year and will ensure they have savings accrued especially for the festive spend. This will give them a larger budget for spend and therefore the consideration of using point-of-sale finance for larger purchases is a popular choice.

Shopping online to beat the queues

Finally, in order to beat the Christmas shopping rush in retail outlets, many people prefer to shop online as it’s generally easier and they can find most of their Christmas gifts in one sitting.

Offers such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday are only available online, so this is another big incentive for shoppers to shop on the web to get that elusive last item in stock.

Feel free to get in touch with us to learn more about how we could help you or your business leading up to the festive period with our flexible payment solutions.