Testimonial – Dental Partner

Dental Partner offers dental practice managers a comprehensive range of services provided by experienced dental finance professionals.

The Problem

Dental Partner works with a wide range of practices and was seeking a finance provider willing to work with both individual and multi practice groups with transaction volume expectations tuned to the size of the practice.

Service levels and building a relationship beyond simply dealing with the transactions was a key requirement. Having experienced a great deal of ‘computer says no’ from other finance providers, Dental Partner wanted a finance partner who would be willing to invest the time to help as many dental clients as possible secure the finance they needed for their treatment.

The Solution

By referral, Dental Partner was introduced to Buyline and immediately found that there were many similarities of approach and that by working with Buyline they could offer their dental practices a service that not only helped the practice but Buyline’s flexible underwriting would also help the practice clients.

As practice clients were introduced to Buyline, it became clear that automation with a human touch was the ideal approach, and this is exactly what Buyline offers.

The time taken from the initial introduction to the first transaction being written was less than 2 weeks. It helped that the first practice to come onboard was already FCA authorised, but now, some months into the relationship the onboarding of a practice can only be a matter of days to start initially with unregulated finance, less than 12 months and 0% APR. For practices that provide higher value treatments it is important to offer regulated longer terms as this aid’s affordability, and for this is it necessary that the practice is FCA authorised.

FCA authorisation can seem daunting, but with support from Dental Partner the process of completing the paperwork is straightforward and presented to the FCA in a complete and correct format. Often delays in the application process are caused by errors or omissions, which with the support of Dental Partner can be avoided.

The Result

Steve Young, of Dental Partner comments: ‘We’re delighted, the relationship that we have established with Buyline is working well for all parties. Short lines of communication make a big difference, because when issues arise, as they do, they are dealt with quickly’.

If you would like to speak to Steve or one of his colleagues, please visit https://www.dentalpartner.co.uk/, or if you would like to contact Buyline directly please get in touch via our Contact us page.