Testimonial – eXroid

eXroid offer the lowest risk and effective treatment for haemorrhoids in the UK. With nationwide clinic locations patients can be treated quickly and conveniently.

The eXroid procedure uses electrotherapy, which has been clinically researched for over 150 years.


The Problem:

As the only UK provider of this specific type of treatment eXroid wanted to be as inclusive as possible. Fully aware that not all patients would have option to pay for private treatment in full they realised that they were limiting treatment to only those that could afford it.

With inclusivity at the heart of what they do, eXroid started to research options about how they could best serve a fully diverse client base by providing flexible payment options.

The Solution:

Having decided to seek out the services of a point-of-sale lender, eXroid were introduced to Buyline who helped them through a straightforward corporate application and onboarding process.

“Buyline stood out above other 0% finance providers due to their competitive subsidy fees, prompt pay-outs, high acceptance rates and their user-friendly portal for managing patient applications”

With the support of Buyline, eXroid have been able to integrate the simple application process into their customer journey to provide a quick and smooth solution to their patients. With the majority of bookings being taken over the phone, eXroid are able to complete the application during the booking process ensuring patients have their finance agreement in place ahead of their appointment thus taking the stress and worry out of the whole process.

Jade Whittaker, Patient Services Manager commented “Since partnering with Buyline to offer our patients a 0% Finance product for the first time, we are now able to help even more patients that simply cannot afford private healthcare costs with a simple and quick decision process. This increases our accessibility for more sufferers in the UK and is a stress-free solution for many. The fact that we can walk our patients through it quickly also means I can maintain the pace of work when enquiries are coming in more than ever.”

The Result:

Since becoming a Buyline Business Partner, eXroid have worked closely with Buyline to release email marketing and website advertising to display their offering of 0% finance flexible payment solutions. eXroids website sees up to 2000 visitors a day and since advertising have seen a month on month increase in bookings of which many, they would not have been able to secure without the offering of flexible payment solutions to their patients.

eXroid are keen to continue building their relationship with Buyline and seeing the growth of their business alongside increasing accessibility to more sufferers in the UK.

For more information on eXroid you can visit their website at www.eXroid.com

If you are interested in becoming a Buyline Business Partner please get in touch via our Contact Us page.