Testimonial – S. W. James

S.W. James is a small producer of hand-made, British Chesterfields. They consist of four master makers who have an average age of 62 and produce an average of four pieces a week.

All their raw materials are of the highest quality possible and are created the old-fashioned way using over 80 individual processes. As a result, they are certainly not the cheapest place to buy a Chesterfield.

The Problem

S.W. James were keen to promote their products to a wider demographic including the younger age range, and one key selling point that they felt they needed was affordability for the end customer, to help those who may not be able to afford to pay for their sofa of chair in one lump sum.

They identified that the younger age range, many of whom had just bought their first home, valued quality furniture and were looking for a piece that would last for many years. This age range typically had good, stable incomes but may not have had surplus savings available to invest in a piece of furniture from S.W. James.

Offering finance was the key to opening up this large market sector and which otherwise S.W. James would not have been able to serve.

The Solution

Deciding to seek out the services of a point-of-sale lender, S.W. James found that Buyline fitted the bill. As a small company, S.W. James really value relationships. All their customers know that if they need to speak to someone, they can pick up the phone and one of the owners will be on hand to help.

Buyline were happy to talk S.W. James through the process of implementing point-of-sale finance into their sales structure and the many ways in which it would benefit their customer base including offering manageable monthly instalments to help customers spread out their payments to suit their circumstances.
‘This is exactly what you get at Buyline and what made Buyline stand out for us’ commented Warren Kinsey, Co-owner at S.W. James.

He added: ‘When we contacted them Tony actually came to the factory to meet us and look at our operation, you just wouldn’t get that anywhere else. We did explore two big finance houses as well, but they were so impersonal we just knew they wouldn’t be a good fit for us.’

Touching upon S.W. James’ working relationship with Buyline, Warren went on to say:

‘Working with Buyline has been brilliant!’

‘When I send over a potential client they are contacted virtually straight away, or at a time specified by the client by a true professional. This is massively important to us because responsiveness to customers and professionalism is at the heart of our ethos, and I can trust Buyline every time to represent us with the highest level of customer service’.

‘Buyline have also just guided us through a rather complex application with the FCA which will enable us to offer longer term finance, we are extremely thankful to them for all their help with this. I consider their help on this application to be above and beyond what is expected of a finance company and I’m certain that we wouldn’t get this level of assistance anywhere else’.

‘I’m now very excited to see the results of being able to offer longer term finance’.

The Results

Since acquiring the help of Buyline and integrating point-of-sale finance into their business strategy, S.W. James have seen a positive increase of sales in their target sectors which has helped them to strengthen their overall grip on the wider marketplace.

Happy with the results of the collaboration, Warren commented: ‘I’m delighted to say that we saw an excellent uplift in sales as a result of working with Buyline.  Being able to serve a sector of the market that otherwise been closed to us has been a massive help and I cannot thank Buyline enough’.

‘Thank you, Tony, Amy and the team.’ 

S.W. James is keen to continue using the services of Buyline heading into the future and seeing their business go from strength-to-strength with the help of point-of-sale finance.


Find out more about S.W. James’ amazing range of Chesterfield furniture by visiting their site.