What customers look for when shopping online?

Although restrictions are starting to ease up, and consumers can enjoy traditional brick and mortar shopping again, online shopping will remain extremely popular. In fact, by the end of 2022, e-commerce sales are expected to make up 36.3% of total retail sales in 2022 in the United Kingdom.

With online shopping being quick and convenient, what do customers look for when shopping on the internet?


Detailed product descriptions

Customers will be searching from website to website, looking for the products they want. A detailed product description will help potential customers to gain a better understanding of what products will be suitable for them. Product descriptions can also help give customers further knowledge of why one product is better than the other.


Customer reviews

With so many product options available online for consumers to purchase, reviews left by customers act as a piece of guidance. It can help with filtering and narrowing down a set of options, ultimately aiding the customers in making a more informed decision. According to RevLocal, 91% of people trust reviews left by customers.


Mobile optimization

Mobile phones play an important and integral role in everyone’s daily lives, whether they are used for making calls, sending text messages, listening to music, scrolling through social media, capturing images of events throughout the day, or shopping. Based on recent shopping statistics, one-third of all shopping made in the UK was through mobile devices. With the modern consumer using their phone as a searching tool and purchasing tool, if a website is not optimized for their phone, the customer will most likely move on and search elsewhere to find what they are looking for.


Various delivery options

Online shopping is all about convenience, and this also includes delivery options. A report conducted by IMRG in collaboration with GFS found that 48% of consumers would pay extra money for more expensive delivery options out of pure convenience. Additionally, 58% of shoppers say that same-day delivery is an essential factor when shopping online.


Flexible finance options

The most significant component of online shopping is the price of the products and services. Customers will be searching everywhere to find the best prices possible. But what shoppers are also looking for are flexible finance options to spread the costs over an allocated period of time. Point-of-sale finance is becoming an important part of the online shopping experience. Research conducted by Retail Week found that 67% of people believe that offering point-of-sale finance would make all purchases far more affordable.


Final thoughts

Online shopping is here to stay, and it looks like it will continue to grow and get stronger as years go by. If you are looking to implement point-of-sale finance and attract more customers to your business, we are here to help! At Buyline, we offer point-of-sale finance for a range of companies helping to boost business sales. Get in touch today by emailing newbusiness@buyline.co.uk.